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I am one of the top time management training experts in South Africa,
who you can trust to deliver every time. I am so confident that I can exceed your expectations that I offer a 100 % money back Guarantee. I teach business professionals how to make a few small shifts to their philosophy and behaviour, so that they can maximise the use of their available time. I inspire them to greatness, helping them to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

What is this Time management Training Course About?

1. Effectiveness - You will be guided to identify, prioritize and carry out the right activities each day.
2. Efficiency - You will be taught a system to leverage the maximum from your time, so that you can efficiently perform all the right activities each day.
3. Activity Management - We will guide you to manage your activities and leverage the maximum from you unique circumstances
4. Energy Management - We will help you to maximize your energy and get the most from your day.
5. Self-Management - Learn to create new routines and then convert these into a success habit set.
6. Effective Planning - We will guide you to stimulate effective work habits, through focus and planning.

Our approach to learning time management skills, focuses on guiding business professionals to see that time management is really about self-management. We teach a simple, yet very effective time management system, where you will be guided to first identify the right activities, which you and your team need to take, every day, to achieve your corporate or team goals. Once you have clarity on what needs to be done and every one in your team understands their individual role in delivering on the overall vision. You and every team member can then be certain that they are taking the right actions every day to ensure success.

Only once you are certain that you are taking the right actions daily, are you taught an effective system to prioritize and manage these activities within your unique business circumstances. We specialize in teaching individuals and business professionals, how to leverage the maximum amount of effective activity, from their available time. All our time management tools and techniques, which we teach, will allow you to bring increased personal and organizational productivity into your life.

Content of the Time Management Training Workshop :

- Understanding the concept of time management and how to use it efficiently.
- Exploring my available time - How much time do I really have?
- Understand how we function best - How can I use my body and mind best.
- Building a time management habit set.
- Building and effective self-management system for success
- Creating my unique system to manage the right activities.
- Understanding purpose and creating a crystal clear vision for the future.
- Identifying the right activities needed to succeed.
- Turning goal setting into goal achieving.
- Turning your personal and organizational purpose into value.
- Lead a fulfilling and effective life Right now.
- Accumulate real value and discover long term sustainable success